310 本荘 Honjyo, Akita 1986


One morning, with the sun already high in the sky , I stood on an embankment of national road, which detours way round the town, passing over a gentle hill, leading to the next town, as I tried to calm the excitement in my body and soul from the solitary game I just enjoyed.It was in the early evening when the heat of the day had cooled down a little, I came across that lantern, huge as a planet. Giving off dense, dim light , it was decorated more than enough to call forth people in the neighborhood. I envisioned myself disappearing into that ring of light in destined order, feeling immeasurable relief as well as fear.Time passed, and the festivity was over. All that was left was the enormous lantern, the time of day to wait for the morning sun, and myself, apparently alive. In that harmonious atmosphere, the lantern and a breeze carrying the scent of morning dew flirted in a moment of play. It was as if the still universe had suddenly began to be active again, and awaken the natural phenomenon of reincarnation. These things around me were afraid of the sun to rise. It meant another shape of nature was about to come to life, and that my sentiments for these things, that seems both eternal and momentary, would be gone. Unusual at this time of year, a cloud, large enough to cast its shadow over the whole town, floated in the sky. The border between light and shadow would be here on this embankment. The eyes that look down on the town are obscure, and they cannot conceive whether it is light or shadow. But some bodily function already seemed to begin to explore the next town.