2521 Chiyoda,千代田 2003


Tokyo Drive
Travels deliver my photographs. I typically spend about one or two weeks, sometimes even a month, traveling and taking photographs. My shoots are not always long. Sometimes, I’ll spend an entire day just exploring neighborhoods of Tokyo. The changing seasons, the news of a demolition of old architecture, and the festivities are all interesting to me. The occasions that motivate me are always different. I grew up in a town near Tokyo and have regularly visited the city for as long as I can remember. Now I am a resident of the city, and it has become one of my destinations. I know the myriad of streets and highways that stretch from Nihonbashi and the streets which surround the Imperial Palace like ripples. These short photo shoots make me a traveler in familiar towns, and I don’t know where I will go until I load my camera, my car, and get on the road. I turn right at the stoplight; hang a left at the next intersection. I turn right again, another left, and right once more. I am an observer as I step into the cityscape. I see the familiar and the unfamiliar in places I’ve already been. There I find the moments that make up my memories and memories yet to be had. And once again, I am a traveler filled with wonder.